Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (Jan 5, 2011): Finding a short story

This might well be a toughie.  I've spent about 30 minutes so far without any luck.  Can you do better? 

My friend Josh writes:  

I'm searching for a short story.  

The plot: A king lives in a castle at the edge of a bottomless cliff.  The taxes are too high, so there's a revolution and they kick him out.  The king hints that there's a reason for those taxes, and the last scene has him riding away from the cliff as fast as he can go.

What's the title of this story?

Any ideas?  

Search on! 


  1. All you librarians out there... this is your chance to shine!

  2. Currently on the trail of [white rajah] or [prince of ghor] after the tip you received about Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who would Be King."

  3. Here's the full text of the Man Who Would Be King - but I don't think it's the same story -- I'll keep looking.

  4. I agree. The MWWBK is a very different story. It's unclear if that direction will get us very far. (Although I did have a nice time re-reading the story.)

  5. Not sure if this would be the same story!