Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (Jun 15, 2011): Which sword is larger?

The past week has been a bit busy... sorry about being offline all last week!  The stuff heated up, and I ended up giving a few talks here and there, etc. etc.  It was all good stuff, I just can't quite make extra time appear out of nowhere.  

"But enough of that!" I hear you cry.  "Where's the Search Challenge?"  

In writing questions for I end up spending a lot of time doing background research on topics that are fascinating, but that often don't end up yielding anything useful for my questions.  But it's endlessly interesting.  

One of those side pathways led me to the following Search Challenge....   

I started reading about the Varusschlacht, and ended up spending a completely fascinating and absorbing hour reading a tale of lost Roman legions and battlegrounds that lay undiscovered for centuries.  

This battle turns out to be important in the history of Germany, but I'll let you find out for yourself why it's so interesting... (more on this when I write up the answer):  

     For this challenge:   Two rather large statues were built to commemorate 
     this decisive victory.  Can you find out where they both are, and to compare 
     their sizes, can you figure out the length of the sword each figure is holding aloft?  
     Which statue has the larger sword?  

Happy searching! 

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