Friday, October 12, 2012

How to be notified about upcoming Power Searching classes

Lots of people have been asking me "When's the next MOOC for Power Searching?" 

Or, more generally, "How can I know when the next class is offered?"

Here's the answer:  There are several ways to do this.  

1.  You can follow the Inside Search blog 
2.  You can  follow the G+ page for "Google Online Courses"
3.  Or ... follow my personal G+ page
4.  OR (best solution) -- To receive announcements about future search-related classes, add yourself to the Search Education Google Groups mailing list:!forum/google-search-education

If you are specifically interested in search classes for K-12 education, join:

On these lists we'll only send you a message when a new class is being offered.  Note that users can't post to these groups (only we can!), so you won't be sent random messages.  

Hope to see you in a future class! 


  1. Is there going to be some sort of "advanced" course for those who already took the original?

    1. Yes... we'll be offering an "Advanced Power Searching with Google" class in early January, 2013. Stay tuned!

    2. Hi Daniel,

      The "Advanced Power Searching with Google" class only available for ones who took "Power Searching with Google" class? :)


    3. No... you can take it if you didn't take the original "Power Searching..." class, but you might have some trouble with the more advanced concepts. (I'll assume you know correct use of double quotes, site:, filetype:, search features, filter by image, search by image, etc...

  2. Thanks Daniel

    Now I been waiting for Power searching with Google advance class which is going held December as you said.

  3. Mr. Russell,
    I completed your Power Searching Class in October, and it was really a wonderful and helpful experience.

    I finished the post class assessment with a passing score on Oct. 9, 2012,
    and still have Not received any certificate at all.

    My email address that I used to enroll in the class is:
    If this could be checked into I would appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  4. Mr. Russell,

    I completed the Power Searching class and it was a very helpful and wonderful experience. Although, I have Not received Any certificate in my email.

    I completed the class with a passing score on October 9, 2012.

    Could you let me know if I could still receive a certificate somehow.
    Thank you,

    Gail Giambo

  5. Hi, I would like to register to the "Advanced Power Searching with Google" class in early January, 2013
    Are there available "seats"? Do I need to fill-in any form?
    Another point: I'm from GMT +4 so can we do it in a 'global friendly' time slot? Thanks in advance for your comments!

    1. The Advanced class will start sometime in Jan (we'll let you know). And no, you don't need to watch it live... the video segments can be watched anytime that works for your timezone!

      You WILL need to fill in a form (but wait until January!)

    2. OK, thanks a lot! I really look forward to January then, please share a link to the form once it's available.
      Big hello from snowing Russia ;)

    3. Hello, I wonder if there is any new info available about the course? Thank you.

  6. when does next power searching engine course start??