Sunday, March 31, 2013

There ARE other blogs about search out there -- here's a new one

And now, out of the Pacific Northwest... 

My friend Jaime Teevan (a fellow researcher in the world of how-people-search) has just started up a new blog:  

Jaime has done some great research on how people search (including her fantastic papers about how often people redo searches for things they've previously searched for).  We've worked together a bit on a couple of things--most notably teaching a "logs analysis" tutorial at the Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) conference and then turning this into a book chapter (forthcoming).  

If you read this blog, I suspect you'll enjoy hers as well! 

Search on... for more great search/research blogs! 

Sample of some papers by Jaime 

 Susan Dumais, Robin Jeffries, Daniel M. Russell, Diane Tang and Jaime Teevan. "Understanding User Behavior through Log Data and Analysis." In Judith S. Olson and Wendy Kellogg (Eds.), Human Computer Interaction Ways of Knowing. New York: Springer, 2013. (in pre-press production)  

How People Recall, Recognize and Reuse Search Results. ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) special issue on Keeping, Refinding, and Sharing Personal Information, 26(4), September 2008. [(official) pdf, (local) pdf]

Jaime Teevan, Amy Karlson, Shahriyar Amini, A.J. Bernheim Brush and John Krumm. Understanding the Importance of Location, Time, and People in Mobile Local Search Behavior. In Proceedings of 13th Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI 2011), Stockholm, Sweden, August 2011. [pdf]


  1. Thanks, Dan. You do an awesome job with this blog, and are a great model to follow. :)

  2. given her interest in "online question asking" (crowd sourcing?) you might be able to pass along some inside insight on the example of aardvark...
    it would be interesting to know the Google side. The mobile aspect aside, isn't this an evolution of chat rooms/topic forums?
    aard shutdown
    a competitor
    Quora on twitter
    similarities between aardvarks & armadillos

  3. another facet of the hive mind/swarm intelligence/search/morph
    Google's future?
    non-textual search example:
    IMO your blog attracts readers because it goes beyond search mechanics and shows benefits from using search effectively & efficiently as a means to a larger end - not just making it self-referential... the value of knowing, without any substantiation, whether Keanu Reeves was born in Hawaii? Social search often seems latent and in need of excessive filtering energy, but has occasional, albeit, limited value.
    search engine land twitter