Friday, December 13, 2013

Update... Friday's post?

Hi folks... I know I promised to write something about "How we know when to stop searching?" ... which is kind of a variant of "How do we know when something is right / correct / accurate / credible?"  

And I've been searching and researching on the topic of Popo and the lahar mudflows.  (Did they, or did they NOT make it to the foot of the Grand Pyramid in Cholula?) 

So far, I've spent around 4 hours on this really interesting topic.  (I've always had a secret fascination with Mesoamerica and never really had an excuse to read all of the things I wanted to.  Now I do.)  

But it means that I'm not ready with my blog post for today.  

I WILL say, though, that it's been fascinating reading.  It looks like we accidentally stepped into the middle of a quiet archaeological ruckus.  There are issues of how you know what you know, what methods are appropriate, and how things are seen.  Fascinating.  

I'll write more over the weekend, but I wanted to let y'all know that I'm not ignoring the blog.  

It's just much more interesting than I'd thought it would be.  

Searching on, in Mesoamerica... 

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