Friday, July 17, 2015

A bit of a hint...

I have to admit... 

... that figuring out Building Type A was a little tricky.  It took me about 90 minutes of searching before I found the path that worked.  

But I WILL tell you that between the post and the comments, you have all the information you need.

My hint, though, was the observation I made that the "horns" at the top of the building are an add-on to the building itself.  They're commonly used for these kinds of manufacturing buildings.  

In this sketch, the black horns + the M-shaped piece are all thought of as one unit that sits on top of the building.  

FWIW, I made this sketch in the hopes that doing an Image Search on this would give me the right answer.  But it didn't work out; I got lots of nothing with this.  

On the other hand, now you know: All of the information (key terms and concepts) you need is right there in front of you.  

Search on!  Tell us how it's going for you? 


  1. Since we know this factory in Seattle makes glass bottles & if you find other bottle companies (i.e. Owens Illinois) and look at their locations you can find other buildings that look like this. Example:

    According to wikipedia, glass bottle manufacturing has three buildings - a batch house, a hot end, and a cold end. The picture above is the 'hot end' or furnace.

  2. Dr. Russell, with new data will try to find the building type with more details.

    Kirk, thanks for the link to the image. Video showing how glass is made is very interesting.

  3. Dan, here is the sketch you are looking for

    jon tU

  4. I think with collaboration efforts we have identified the object as a "Monitor Ridge" Ventilation System mounted on the roof. Ramón's link - The site even mentions this system is used in glass manufacturing buildings and the image is quite similar.

    But the clue “horn” leads to think there is more to this answer. I'm just not sure if Ramon's post came before or after the hint provided.

    1. Don't read TOO much into the term "horn," I was just reusing a term another commenter had used... (Looking at Ramón's links makes me think he's more-or-less found the answer.)

  5. Hi Dan! I have a research question for you. What's the best way to submit it?

    1. Contact me directly through email, or post it to my G+ page.