Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to browse a virtual bookshelf

Something I hear a lot in my search classes is the complaint of "... but I can't browse books the way I used to!"  

Well, wait a second.  That's not quite right.  You can definitely see MORE books that are on the same "shelf" if only you know one little trick.  Here's the latest of my "1 Minute Morceaux" series of video shorts that shows you how to browse the online collection of Google Books.  In fact, I show two little tricks in this video:  How to use the "About this book" bibliographic information to see a larger collection of books on this topic (and any of the other topics the book is cataloged under), and how to find a list of related books on a topic.

The really interesting thing is--you can't do THAT in a physical library.  (At least not in under 5 seconds, as you can online!)  


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  1. These are useful tips, for sure. It might be remarked that most of the tags you clicked on were put in place by librarians, working in brick and mortar libraries, when they cataloged the copy that crossed their desks. And it might be noted that Google books will silently steer you toward books and editions recent enough that a pretty cover image is available to make that charming display.

    In a brick and mortar library, an older book that may be the very one you wanted has a chance to attract your attention because it sits beside a new edition that does have a Google-worthy paperback cover.