Thursday, September 10, 2015

PowerSearchingWithGoogle Text Lessons (and slides! and videos!)

I managed to get a few minutes... 

...  to pull together a master list of all the text lessons from the online course.  Here's the list for you.  Again, as with the master list of video shorts (see my post about the PowerSearching videos), these are labeled  as Creative Commons CC BY-NC, so go wild, and reuse to your heart's content!

Each lesson is the text (and slides) for each of the all around 5 minutes long, so any of them are easy to work into your program.  
(The BY-NC label that means you can remix, tweak, and build upon these videos non-commercially; note that your new works must acknowledge my original work (a link is fine),  and be must non-commercial).   

Note that we'll be running a NEW version of the course starting on September 21st, 2015!  Registration opens next Monday!

Registration for the newest instance of the course will begin next Monday, September 14th.  If you've already taken the course, tell your friends about it.  I'm hoping to get a bit over 20,000 people to participate!  (Paradoxically, the larger class size enrollment makes the course much more fun.  Trust me on this.) 

Lesson NumberTItle (and link to text)Video link
1.2Filtering by color
1.3How search works
1.4The art of keyword choices
1.5Word order matters
1.6Finding text on a web page
2.1When search results suggest something new
2.2Thinking more deeply about your search
2.3Understanding your options
2.4Reading the search results page
2.5Different kinds of content
3.1Web organization and site
3.3Removing invasive results
3.4OR and quotes
3.5Intext: and advanced search
4.1Search by image
4.2Search features
4.3Conversions and calculator
4.4Top menu options and date range limiting
4.5Translation and Search
5.2Variant data
5.3Using books to verify a quote
5.4Using WHOIS
5.5Occasional misconceptions
6.1Combining methods
6.2Think broadly
Search on!  

(Hope to see you in the MOOC.)  


  1. Thank-you so very much for this listing. A few weeks ago someone passed me the beta code for The Great Courses subscription series, good for six months. Many lectures and many search opprotunities.

  2. Merci Thanks, Dan after 4 certificats on Power Searching with google (grâce à vous...) and the CC aviable in french I will begin a class in my little town public library. Merci et encore merci! Alain

  3. Hi Dr. Russell. One question, the new Mooc will begin on September 21st as planned or will be moved for the work travel you have next week?


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