Wednesday, July 20, 2016

SearchResearch Challenge (7/20/16): Finding connections between people

Connections between artists... 

... thinkers, do-ers, builders, writers, composers, and makers is important.  

If you know that Mr. X somehow influenced Ms. Y, or that Organization A is somehow connected with Place B, you're a leg up on understanding how history proceeds.  

(For teachers:  This is the kind of thing we expect our students to do all the time.  This Challenge is a neat example of the kind of connection-making we want in their research papers.)

This past week I was struck by several connections that I discovered.  These were so striking that I couldn't help but think of them as Challenges for the brilliant researchers in SRS.  

Here are three clues to surprising connections that I found this week.  Can you find the connections as well?  To make this a bit more like what I was doing in my reading process, I'll give you the starting points for the search.  Note that I wasn't searching for a connection between these, but I found them, and was delighted.  I hope you are too.  

1.  What's the connection between these two people?  

2.  What's the connection between this company and this house? 

3.  What's the connection between these two people?  

My answers (with a bit of colorful background on each of the connections) next week!  

I thought you might find the Challenge useful because research often involves the process of searching out the possible linkages between people, ideas, and their work.    

Search on! 


  1. 1. Image searches revealed that the first image is Amerigo Vespucci and the second one is Maria Cerezo. They are husband and wife.

    2. The first image is the Mitsubishi logo. The second image is the Thomas Blake Glover house.

    Thomas Blake Glover came to Japan in 1859 to manage the newly established Nagasaki office of a British trading house. He later participated in establishing businesses that would became pillars of Mitsubishi's early growth and diversification.

    Glover died in 1911 in Tokyo. His Nagasaki mansion, which local tradition identifies as the setting of Madame Butterfly, is a tourist attraction today. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries donated the mansion to the city in 1957. In further homage, the company acquired the Glover family home in Scotland and donated it to the Grampian-Japan Trust, a natural and historical preservation society.

    3. The first picture is Gustav Holst. The second is a portrait by Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Beata Beatrix.

    Dante Rossetti was the brother of the poet Christina Rossetti and Gustave Holst set one of her poems to music.

    Gustav Holst (1874-1934), a long-time friend of the celebrated Ralph Vaughan Williams, had a keen interest in Rossetti’s works. Best-known for his classical pieces, notably his orchestral masterpiece The Planets, Holst elevates In the Bleak Mid-Winter with a hymn-like musical setting that was published in the 1906 English Hymnal.

    There were other family connections as described in this website:

    1. On point 1) The painting of the lady is Simonetta Vespucci who is the the cousin-in-law of Amerigo Vespucci. (the picture of the statue)

      The rest seem correct

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  2. Comment 1/2

    Good day, Dr. Russell and everyone.

    My first search was to identify the people I don't recognize with search by Image

    For Q1

    Image 1: Amerigo Vespucci 2: Simonetta Vespucci

    [Image adding around(3) simonetta vespucci]

    Simonetta’s arrival coincided with the arrival of the golden age of Florence. Most notably, Botticelli memorialized Simonetta as the goddess Venus in his capolavoro, The Birth of Venus.

    1. What's the connection between these two people?

    Simonetta was Marco Vespucci's wife. So she became cousin-in-law of Amerigo Vespucci

    For Q2

    Image 1: MITSUBISHI 2: Thomas Blake Glover's home

    [Thomas Blake Glover's home around(4) Mitsubishi logo]

    Mitsubishi's Scottish Origins Glover died in 1911 in Tokyo. His Nagasaki mansion, which local tradition identifies as the setting of Madame Butterfly, is a tourist attraction today.

    Imported the 1st steam locomotive and received the Order of the Rising Sun from the Emperor in 1908 He is a national hero in Japan. His house in Nagasaki is one Japan's most popular tourist attractions with nearly 2 Million visitors every year.

    a man who inspired the film The Last Samurai and was associated with the Puccini opera Madame Butterfly: More connections! He also helped found the Japan Brewery Company, which later became the Kirin
    Brewery Company. (includes video)

    Thomas Blake Glover exhibit, leaflet and tourist trail launched. Includes link to booklet

    2. What's the connection between this company and this house?

    Glover contributed immensely to the industrialization and modernization of Japan. And that was the house in which he lived in Scotland...The now called Glover House. It is thought Glover probably stayed there in later life when he was back in Aberdeen
    negotiating a contract for one of the Japanese warships built in the city.

  3. Comment 2/2

    For Q3

    Image 1:Gustav Holst (1874-1934) 2: Beata Beatrix (painting)

    ["Gustav Holst" around(4) Beata Beatrix]

    Gustav Holst website

    The picture is a portrait of Elizabeth Siddall in the character of Beatrice

    Beata Beatrix, painted after Lizzie's deathDante Gabriel Rossetti's muse was the model Lizzie Siddal.

    In the same site "Ctr-F "Gustav": In the Bleak Mid Winter was one of the poems written by Christina Rossetti in the latter part of the 19th century...Although Christina is perhaps better known as the sister of the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, she was a recognized artist in her own right as a poet. Site links to YouTube video of the poem.

    [In the Bleak Mid Winter] & [in the bleak midwinter Gustav Holst] in All and in Books

    Favorite Christmas Classics for Solo Singers: Medium High Voice, Book & CD By Patrick Liebergen "Rossetti's text was not composed with musical setting in mind, yet Holst captured its uneven rhythms beautifully in his music". Poem was very popular in late 19th Century in England.

    3. What's the connection between these two people?

    A:Beata Beatrix was painted by the brother of Christina. Gustav Holst set music to one of the poems made by her. Wikipedia article say: "The poem became a Christmas carol after it appeared in The English Hymnal in 1906."

  4. Well, this was nifty. I really like this stuff. All was done in seconds by dragging each into Images Search. Verified the results by clicking on 'save as' to find out what you named them.

    Great fun; you have all the connections by now so no need to fill you in.

    Cheers jon tU

  5. used Chrome browser this time & on the images, the handy right click - "Search Google for image"… does speed search along —
    unfortunately, speedy search sometimes comes with snafus.
    … the linkages elude me and am having trouble verifying the new 'Wiki/Uncyclopedia' entries, but greatly enjoyed the グラバー園 長崎市 video.
    "This house was also the venue of Glover's meetings with rebel samurai particularly from the Chōshū and Satsuma domains."
    Nagasaki's foremost tourist attraction… very Jascottish-san
    (• Jamie McFay: based on Thomas Blake Glover.)
    perhaps a different Glover, but once reputed to have driven a Mitsubishi
    Gustav Holst

  6. my last 3¢…
    "In 1507, Martin Waldseemüller , a German cartographer, applied the name ‘America’ to South America for the first time. The name was derived from ‘Americus’ the Latin version of Vespucci's first name, Amerigo."
    …was curious about the iguana at Amerigo's feet…
    large detail
    which led to this curious Peruvian alternative… these would shake things up outside the Uffizi
    other images, Paseo Yortuque
    Moche III Stirrup Vessel of Iguana Lord, Peru.

    According to Marcel Duchamp… wha, what… it may all be chess…
    one defining attempt
    Lady Gaga chimes in
    Marcel & 3-D printing
    oh no, it is spreading… Simonetta L.H.…

    1. Hello Remmij! I was just thinking about Thomas Glover and Samurais. The link with the scale train is super cool!

      I also was reading the booklet and says:" Put simply Thomas’s story is not the inspiration for Madame Butterfly, neither Kaga nor Tsuru were geishas nor was Thomas a callous man, as Pinkerton is in the opera. "

      Also tried [thomas glover last samurai]

      And found a book Scottish Samurai: Life of Thomas Blake Glover among other links. Even a TV Show not available and other books

      [thomas glover around(3) "last samurai" movie]

      A second look at The Last Samurai

      The Scot who shaped Japan by Japan Times

    2. … enjoyed the 'A second look at The Last Samurai' article, muy apreciado, totemo arigatai… who would have guessed the Scientology/Samurai nexus?
      I think Ethan Matthew Hunt may be of Scottish heritage also… (0_o)? strange times
      M.D.signed w/ pseudonym, with the formerly forgotten chin whiskers
      President Nieto in the D.C. (may have been taken in the future, also signed, upper left)
      … fascinating that TBG took a contingent of Japanese back to Scotland - the description of the journey/culture shock is interesting… see chapter 11:
      Samurai in Aberdeen

    3. the mustache link… it was obscure
      The Bushido Code
      the Gustav Theodore Holst/Kurt Vogel Russell face-brush intertwine-ness…

    4. Image search provides identities (filename of initials suggests confirmation)
      AROUND operator works well for initial source of connections - for example

      [Gustav Holst around (3) beata beatrix around (3) dante rossetti]

      Snippet result “Gabriel Charles Dante Rossetti, who later changed the order of his names to stress ... long-haired stunners of frail health that we see in paintings like Beata Beatrix, ... known after her death when set as a Christmas carol by Gustav Holst as well as ... [3]. They were the reference in British art and literature in the 2nd period of ...

    5. Kirin is the Japanese form of "qilin"
      with lunch today
      as in search, all is not always what it appears…
      "It is rumored that the mustache on the mythical creature featured on Kirin beer labels is a tribute to Glover, who sported a similar mustache."
      find a grave
      born somewhere along Commerce St. - not surprising Japan may have held some appeal…
      "Glover died in 1911 at age 73. His house survived the American atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki during the Second World War and remains the oldest standing western-style building in Japan and one of the country’s top tourist attractions with more than two million visitors a year. Not so lucky was his birthplace at Commerce Street, Fraserburgh, which was destroyed by a Luftwaffe bomb."
      plaque at 15 Commerce St… or what remains of it
      source for birth address

    6. went back and checked street view - trying to get a better look at the plaque - noticed the Aug, 20008 view & look who popped up on the side of the building…
      to this day… Glover & Co.…
      fresh fish freshly prepared
      oob now?
      Sept., 2015
      finally found a decent pic of the plaque… also a pic of the bomb damage… although the Glovers didn't live there then…:
      Fraserburgh Heritage Centre, Thomas Blake Glover - birthplace
      old photos
      … no indication he was related to Danny Lebern Glover, although one would expect a Danny in the line…
      just missed his bd…