Thursday, February 27, 2020

A pair of radio interviews! (February 2020)

The other day I was interviewed on the radio... 

But because we live in a world of streaming media, you can listen to the whole conversation anytime you'd like.  

In fact, I was interviewed twice.  Once by radio host Bob Laughton on the "Point and Click" show out of KZYX (in Mendocino, CA), and again by Larry Magid on his show, "Larry's World."  

I have to say--they were both very fun to do.  In both cases, we just sat and chatted about Google, search, how to improve your search skills... and The Joy of Search as well.  

Here are the links to the shows.  Hope you enjoy them!  

Feb 12, 2020: Interview on "Point and Click" technology radio show with host Bob Laughton 

Feb 19, 2020: Interview on "Larry's World" CBS News Radio with Larry Magid, technology reporter. 


  1. …thought this one was informative too

  2. Hi Dan!

    Really enjoyed the two interviews. I've been taking search hints and tips from you for a few years now and generally find what I'm looking for but this one has me stumped!

    I go for exercise down from home to a bridge on the Leeds and Liverpool canal in Yorkshire, England. The bridge is called Milking Hill Bridge. (they don't milk cos on the hill any longer!). On two mornings at 6am GMT , latest yesterday, I've seen a strange phenomenon in the heavens. At least twenty celestial objects passing high overhead travelling from West to East. They are spots of white light, no flashing, no vapour trails. They look close together, about a finger's length apart with my arm outstretched, and are all on the same trajectory, except for one running parallel at an offset to one of the regular squadron. They look to travel fater than the ISS and faster than a passenger plane looks to travel over our valley. I have used a flight tracker called Flightradar24 which showed no live flights passing at the time. I also looked for satellites on an app called Sky Guide, but no luck. What are they? My guess is military flights, how could I find out? The first time I saw them was the day after a key military mission in Iran whne a top brass was assassinated by US military. I thought it might be a secret marshalling of forces in case of counter attack and therefore no news coverage. But seeing them again yesterday going in the same direction, made me think this must be a routine event. I don't think they are UFOs! I'm sure there must be apps that track military flights, but probably not retrospectively, and anyway would you release information about your own military flights?

    I'm puzzled where to look next. Looks like a possible Challenge?

    Sorry to mis-use a comment on this post, but I couldn't find where else to contact you (not surprised at that!). However, I have order The Joy of Search, NOT The Joy of Searching for Knowledge - a red herring!

    Kind regards,

    Richard Law, retired green woodworker,

    1. Hi Richard!

      My guess is that what you looking for are Elon Musk' satellites Starlink Here is a tool to track them

      Here we saw them around Popocatépetl Volcano and many thought different things. The answer the satellites.

    2. Ho Ramon!

      That's really cool - especially the link on uTube to a video of the satellites How the heck did you find it?