Wednesday, April 17, 2024

SearchResearch Challenge (4/17/24): Consider the alternative?

"Strange."  I thought... 

P/C. OpenAI [create a grid of diverse animal noses including human, dog, cat, gorilla, etc. ]

... early this morning, I noticed that my left nostril was slightly congested.  Now, a couple of hours later, I noticed that my right nostril is slightly congested.  

Is this just a peculiarity of people who do SearchResearch?  Or is it a real phenomenon?  Is this all just in my head?  

Let's turn this into a SearchResearch Challenge for this week: 

1. Is my nose just weird, or do people really have a slow change in breathing from side-to-side over the course of the day?  

2. What other kinds of behaviors might happen for a while on one side of the body, and then switch to the other side of the body?  (Think outside the body: What about non-humans?  Do they have these odd behaviors?) 

Of course, the real question is how on Earth do you search for something like this?    Any good ideas?  Of course, you'll fact-check what you find... 

Let us know what you find out.. and how you discovered it! 

Keep searching! 



  1. Hello Dr Russell

    Some time ago, I read about breathing techniques and advice to do it better. The author (I don't remember his name but I'll post later), did plenty of experiments and yes. The nostrils take air exactly as you say. He even suggests covering our mouth at night with adhesive tape to breath better and prevent disease in teeth and mouth.

    About Q3, I'm sure they're some. I'll search for them

    1. Hi Dr Russell.

      The bug is once again deleting the already approved comments. Hopefully that bug is fixed so you don't have to re-approve

      Out of topic but related to animals, the Shedd Aquarium. I don't know why I changed the name and also changed to Museum! However it is really an interesting place. I'm sure many more will enjoy visiting them even if, like me, it's only online

    2. back at least a couple of years… the lurking googybug…

    from here:

  3. just yesterday
    search "nasal cycle":
    I nose you knows all this…


  5. off topic - DALL-E2 death & evolution…

  6. Yes - it is in your head- literally. It's part of a phenomenon known as hemispheric switching. An expert in this field was Jack Pettigrew from University of Queensland who looked at these phenomena including breathing and perceptual rivalry - remember the spinning dancer
    He was also investigating the relationship between this and bipolar and had done some research into the switching rates of dancers and mathematicians. Jack has since passed but I wfound this recent article describing current understanding of these ideas

    I would like to say that it was some special research technique that got me here, but it was just personal experience- once you had met Jack, you would never forget his amazing insights

    1. not sure - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Nobuyuki Kayahara