Thursday, March 24, 2011

Answer: Winged heart? Search for the category!

I'm going to have to up my game!  Three folks solved this one quickly and with a certain amount of search aplomb, which is nice.  

Fred tried the obvious searches of [winged heart symbol] [religious heart wings] and found that the Sufi Movement symbol was close but not exactly the symbol.

After re-reading, his next search: [tombstone veteran symbols] was exactly right, leading quickly to

EMLD and David both did the same thing, quickly moving from a description of the thing [ winged heart symbol ] to the general category.  

In my case, I did [ tombstone veteran symbol ], which also led me to that same VA page with the answer:  Sufism Reoriented.  

Search lesson:  After quickly trying the obvious description, giving a description of the category can often lead to a table or compendium of the category elements.  (That's a complicated way of saying "a catalog is often a good thing to scan...")  

Search on! 

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