Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (March 16, 2011): What kind of feather is that?

I saw my friend Theresa earlier this week with the most extraordinary thing in her hair.  I couldn't resist, so I asked "What is it?"

She explained to me about hair extensions, and how humans can ALSO get feather extensions.  Essentially, it's a long feather that clips onto a small clump of hair and then becomes part of your hair for as long as you'd like. 

Me, knowing nothing about hair extensions was astonished.  "Really??"  Yes, really.  Turns out there's an entire industry of extensions about which I know nothing.  

You can probably predict my next question to Theresa: 

What kind of feather is it?  That is, what kind of bird did this come from? 

Can you figure it out?   Some clues--it's about 12 inches long and maybe 1/4" wide.  



  1. I take that back. They closely resemble Ringneck Pheasant feathers but I think these have been dyed for use in Coque hair braid.

  2. @Mind-the-gap -- you didn't go quite far enough. Did you check the definition of "coque"??


  3. Right. (Our comments crossed in the ether.) "Coque" refers to anything that's braided into hair (e.g., ribbons or feathers).

  4. Supposedly, the featherlocks are made of rooster feathers according to a link on Condition Culture's blog, the company that sells the featherlocks.