Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (March 30, 2011): What's the connection?

Another friend gave me this amusing puzzle today.

Apparently there is a company based in Wisconsin that won an award in 2010 that has some connection to the tallest monument located in Washington DC!  This one stumped me for a while, so I'll give you a little hint to speed you on your way to solving this particular problem:  the Wisconsin company is named Eck Industries.

There.  Does that help?

Can you figure out the connection between the award Eck Industries won in 2010 and the tallest  DC monument? 

Search on! 


  1. A search in Google (with results restricted to the last year) for [award "Eck Industries"] learned me that Eck Industries won the "William Frishmuth Award" from the American Foundry Society

    A link on that page brought me to his biography (a copy from Wikipedia)
    On the bottom of that page I noticed a link with the title: A History of the Aluminum Cap of the Washington Monument This monument is the tallest structure in the District of Columbia since 1884 and

    The pyramidal point on top of the Washington Monument was cast by William Frishmuth from aluminum, at the time a rare metal as valuable as silver. William Frishmuth (April 22, 1830–August 1, 1893) was a German-born American architect and metallurgist.

  2. I found out basically the same information but called the company directly. The very nice person who answered the phone let me know that it was not the company that won the award but is an individual award for foundry man of the year. Last year their president won if I recall all that she said. In previous years other employees have garnered the same award.

    Thanks for the great info you shared on This Week in Google I learned a lot.