Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (March 23, 2011): Winged heart?

While walking through the vets section of a cemetery recently, I walked past a marker that had the following unusual symbol: 

I was curious about it (as I am about most things) and couldn't wait until I could look it up to figure this out.  

It's clearly a religious symbol of some kind (nearby were markers with crosses, stars of David, eastern Christian crosses, and even the occasional wheel of Buddhism.  But this one baffled me. 

I figured it out in about 1 minute.  How long will it take you? 

What religion does this symbol denote? 

Search on! 



    I tried the obvious searches of [winged heart symbol] [religious heart wings] and found that the Sufi Movement symbol was close but not exactly the symbol.

    Backed up, took a breath and reread the post. Next search [tombstone veteran symbols] gave me exactly what I needed to find #21 the list for the answer

  2. Arlington National Cemetary website also lists it as Sufism Reoriented but did not provide an image.The description was: "Sufism Reoriented — the heart and wings in outline, and "I" within the heart."

  3. About 30 seconds -- searched [veterans cemetery religious symbols]; the third link was Wikipedia, which pointed me to (which was the fourth hit on the Google page anyway), which had the picture.

    Sufism Reoriented, btw.

  4. You don't even need a click.

    [flying heart symbol] returns a number of good results on Sufism and text from the page that includes statements like "The symbol of the Sufi Movement is a heart with wings." or "The winged heart is an old Sufi symbol, and was chosen by Inayat Khan as the ...."

  5. It's true, but I think it's a good idea to click through those links to verify that the snippet is telling you what you *think* it's telling you. And, in particular, it was relevant to know that the symbol was on a gravestone in vets cemetery. The symbol might not be the same as the grave marker sign. Check those links!

  6. It's a One, btw, not an I. FYI