Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Answer: How can you find a book by its color?

Whoa!  How did it get to be Tuesday of the next week?  

Sorry about the delay in getting the answer to you.  Between the AGoogleADay.com activity and a few other things going on, it's been a bit since I've been able to get back here to till the fields of SearchResearch.  

So, a quick answer to the Challenge from last week:  A kid walks up to you and says:  "I'm looking for a book about Rosa Parks, but I don't remember the title.  All I DO remember is that it's got a picture of her on the cover... and the cover is mostly green."

As I found out from friends, this specific problem  is actually fairly easy to do on regular Google Book search.  (Just search for books about "Rosa Parks" and you'll see the covers.  As it turns out, the green book is in the first set of books.  Unlucky for me, lucky for you!) 

What I meant to point out was the trick of using Google Image search to find books by various image attributes.  That is, you can go to Image search, search for [ Rosa Parks book ] then filter by color (or face, or lineart, or whatever option is there).    

Several people wrote to say they'd found the answer quickly.   Nice. 

Search lesson:  Sometimes doing a search for something in Images is a great idea... especially if it's a visual property you're trying to search on (such as "green book cover").  

Okay... tomorrow... a more difficult challenge!  One worthy of all you uber-searchers out there!  

Search on!

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