Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (May 18, 2011): How can you find a book by its color?

Again with the running a day late!  

Sorry about that... I ended up doing 32 press briefings about between 4AM and 9AM on Tuesday morning, and that had the side-effect of giving my regular Wednesday schedule an entirely new look and feel!  

Today's Search Challenge isn't that hard--once you figure out the trick.  It's pretty simple if you know.  

A kid walks up to you and says:  "I'm looking for a book about Rosa Parks, but I don't remember the title.  All I DO remember is that it's got a picture of her on the cover... and the cover is mostly green." 

Can you find the book?  Who's the author?  

0 - 1 minute:  Über-searcher 
1 - 2 minutes:  Power-searcher 
2 - 5 minutes:  Need to learn a few new tricks!
> 5 minutes:  Read SearchResearch more often!!!! 

Search on! 



    Über-searcher ?

  2.; search "Rosa Parks"; scroll down and see a green cover.
    Elapsed time, maybe 10 seconds.

    Cutting and pasting the result is left as an exercise for the interested reader.