Monday, July 30, 2012

aGoogleADay in the classroom

As regular readers know, we've been running the site for around 14 months.  The goal is to provide a daily search puzzle for you to fiddle with and test your search skills.  

Each day is a new question, with hints and a complete search solution path.  

One of our other objectives was to provide a resource for teachers to use in their classrooms when teaching research skills or critical thinking.  

Recently, we made a short video that illustrates how to use the AGoogleADay questions in the classroom.  It's not a prescription, but a hint about some fun ways to use the site to get students interested in how to do research on any of the broad range of skills that we support.  

At the ISTE conference we also handed out a few thousand booklets of AGoogleADay questions (with answers, hints and background reading) for teachers and instructional technology folks.  

We still have a few hundred left.  If you'd like one, fill out the form below and we'll send them out until they're gone.  

Search on! 

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  1. Any chance of those booklets as PDF for those of us not US-side?