Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday search challenge (7/11/12): Where can I get that book?

True Story:  I've been traveling a bit, and I find myself constantly taking pictures of stained glass everywhere I go.  (Disclaimer:  I used to make stained glass pieces, mostly when I was an undergraduate and had time for this kind of hobby work, so I've always had a real interest in this area.)  

In my recent travels, I took a picture of this window, and was just standing there in the nave admiring it.  While standing I started chatting with someone there who mentioned that the designer of the window had written an important book on stained glass design.  Sounds interesting--I'd like to read that book. 

But he couldn't remember the designer's name OR the name of the book he'd written.  

This was a perfect search challenge falling into my lap!  So I returned to my computer and started searching for the book. 

CAUTION: This is a hard problem.  It took me quite a while to figure it out.  

So, with that cautionary note, here's the problem for this week: 
Where can I read a nearby copy of the book written by the designer of this window?  

For the sake of argument, assume I'm in Mountain View, CA, and I want the copy to be as near to Mountain View as possible.  

Can you figure out what the name of that book is and where I can read a copy that's somewhere near me? 

As usual, please let us know how you found the answer, what search resources you used, and how long it took you to come up with the answer!

Search on! 


  1. I went to your Google+ stream. I looked back a few weeks and noticed that you went to the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Then I did a search for La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona stained glass in search > then I went and found your image as the first image. I found the artist was Antoni Gaudí. I did a search on Amazon for Antoni Gaudí books and came up with which you can buy one copy for $51.-1 but it is used. There are 32 book either written by him or about him listed in Amazon. Google books also lists 73,500 results for him in books as well. I would go to Amazon myself.

  2. I missed the part where you wanted to buy it locally - - Show only in stock nearby
    Barnes & Noble
    3600 Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose
    (408) 984-3495 - Open today 9am–10pm
    It is limited stock so I would still call.

  3. Image search in Google: Visually similar.

    This image is labelled "Sagrada Familie '11"

    Searched for this term brought Wikipedia's entry, which led to Joan Vila-Grau's Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista on sale in Minneapolis at Alibris.

    35 mins

    About 30 mins.

  4. I used Google Image Search to search with the Image you posted, which led me to this:

    The text on the bottom right, Sagrada Familia led me, via a Google search for [sagrada familia stained glass] to this page:

    Here there's enough information to identify Joan Vila-Grau as the designer. I'm a librarian, I went to and found this work, which is available at the UC Berkeley Library (identifiable by a search for the Mountain View ZIP code (as found in Wikipedia) at this same page):

    This took about 5 minutes, I think.

  5. 10:43

    1. google image search on image
    One match. Follow link, don't actually see an image on the page.
    Ah. Translating from German, I see I have to be registered. OK, what the hell. Fortunately I have a throwaway email address and lastpass makes it easy to do a throwaway password.

    2. Oh, yay, the pic on the page (now that I can see it) is captioned "Sagrada Familia" -- one of my favorite architects :).

    10:50 (some time killed waiting for confirmation email)

    3. google image search for [ "sagrada familia" "stained glass" ] to confirm that it really is from there. It clearly is. Follow some links from that page to find out who designed the stained glass.

    4. Looks clear from that it's Joan Vila-Grau.

    5. Vila-Grau doesn't seem to have a WP page, so I google his name. OK, that gets me to a WP page, under Joan Vila i Grau. Clearly the same guy. Translating the page shows me only one book, /The glassmakers of modernist Barcelona/, which doesn't really sound like the right one.


    6. An Amazon search on the hyphenated spelling of his name gets me /Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista/, which sounds like it's clearly the same book. Jump to the author page from there, which shows two books. The other is /
    Fita: Vitralls, 1956-1987/. No info on the book page that's helpful. Google translate from Catalan tells me that means /Milestone: Stained Glass, 1956-1987/.

    11:02 lost 5 minutes to a necessary distraction.

    7. I'm guessing the book you want is the latter, although it's not clear. No idea how best to find a local copy of a book. Fiddle around with Google searches like [ "nearby copy" book ] and [ "local copy" book ]. Stumble (via on the fact that Google Books will find a local library copy for me. Try that. Oof -- nothing closer than the East Coast. Check the other book just in case. That one's much easier; UC Berkeley has a copy.

    8. Now I have a sneaking suspicion that you meant the book that's at UCB. I'm gonna punt on the other one, and say that you can get a copy via interlibrary loan if that's what you really need. doesn't offer it, and you probably wouldn't want a print-on-demand copy of a book like this anyway.

    11:16. Elapsed time (not counting 5 minutes away from the task): 28 minutes.

  6. My guess:
    The book: "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista", ISBN 8434303655
    The designer: Joan Vila-Grau
    Where to read it: UC Berkeley Library, Location NRLF, call # f NK5362.B3 V44 1982

    It took me about 20 minutes of searching. First step was a google "search by image" for your photograph. That linked me to a blog post written in Japanese from a person who happened to visit the same church. The google translation was mostly gibberish, but I at least discovered that the church in question is in Barcelona. I followed that up with "Barcelona Church Stained Glass" to find out the name of the church - Sagrada Familia. "Sagrada Familia Stained Glass Designer" led me to the designer's name, and a search for "Joan Vila-Grau book" led me to an Amazon page listing the book as unavailable. I then searched "libraries near Mountain View CA" and discovered the Mountain View public library, whose website suggested I search worldcat. I searched for the book there, inserted my location as Mountain View CA, and voila! UC Berkeley library. If you are a member of the general public, you'll need to get a UC library privilege card to read it first though! Otherwise, you'll have to travel 1800 miles to the Art Institute of Chicago.

  7. Joan Vila-Grau was the designer of the stained-glass windows in La Sagrada Familia. Vila-Grau is listed as having written and cowritten a number of books, but I believe the book you're looking for is one of: "Fita: vitralls, 1956-1987" by Joan Vila-Grau, Domenec Fita, and Xavier Carbo.
    (According to WorldCat, the closest copy is in the Library of Congress, 2400 miles from Mountain View.) Or else, "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista" by Joan Vila-Grau and Frencesc Rodon (closest copy is at UC Berkeley, 33 miles away)

    As for finding it:
    La Sagrada Familia came up eventually in a Google Image search for the image above with the description "stained glass window". While I didn't see that exact section at first, I saw enough to persuade me that it was the same installation (besides, I saw on this blog earlier that you'd been in Barcelona...) and anyway I eventually found this page, which clinches it:

    [la sagrada familia stained glass] brought up a number of pages describing the installation, and I skimmed some of the top ten looking for the words "artist" and "designer".

    I got wrong-footed by a vaguely-labeled photo credit, but eventually hit on the page I linked above and an article in the Catalan News Agency that implied that Toni Vila-Grau had done it. [Toni Vila-Grau stained glass] got the suggestion "Joan Vila-Grau", though.

    I then did a site search of for Vila-Grau and came up with two books: the one above, and one that looks like a retrospective of her work. Google Translate gave "vitralls" as "stained glass", so I went with the first one. I found the book in WorldCat via, typed in the Mountain View ZIP code, and got Library of Congress as the closest result. Clicking on Joan Vila-Grau's name in WorldCat gave me a list which included the other title I listed above, which also seemed on-target.

    All told, 15-20 minutes?

  8. Assuming the zip code for Mountain View CA is 94040. You should be able to find a copy of the book "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista" by Joan Vila-Grau at University of California, Berkeley which is about 35 miles away. Started with an image search of the window to find the church LA SAGRADA FAMILIA in Barcelona. Then cound the book and the library through Search took me about 15 minutes.

  9. I found the artist´s name: Antoni Gaudi. I search your photo on the google search...drag your photo to the search window, for looking on similar photos...then google showed to me some examples, similar photos, and I click on one in particular, that shows me the cathedral with the stained glass made by Antoni Gaudi....Also in the same google search page, they showed a link to some books, and then I find this one in AMAZON, with free shipping: Antoni Gaudi the Criterion!

  10. [author stained glass book]
    google will atomatically search by location near me if I am signed in

  11. I found the book in California but I don't know how to respond to the google group post. :(

  12. I guess I'll just put my answer here:

    I guess I'll just put my answer here:
    I started my search at 10:50 am and found the book at 11:42 am.
    I started by dragging the image from your blog into google image search. I immediately went to the Sagrada Familia. But I mistakenly started looking for Gaudi. He didn’t write any books. Then I noticed that Joan Vila-Grau was the modern designer of Gaudi’s windows. [Joan Vila-Grau book stained glass windows] brought up a bibliography listing his book’s name: Las vidrieras modernistas Catalanas

    I then changed my location to Mountain View, CA and said Find Book and worldcat came up. I searched for zip code for Mountain View and entered it. Alas! The book is at The University of California, Santa Barbara, still 241 miles away from you.

  13. I believe the windows were designed by Joan Vila-Grau (that took me about fifteen minutes to find)for the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi. Vila-Grau has written a book called The Stained Glass of Catalonia Today. That took me another fifteen mintues. But I still cannot figure out where you can read this book. I have tried libraries in and near Mountain View and San Francisco. I have tried to find Basque centers and/or museums (the big one is in Boise, Idaho . . . whoda thunk?), etc. NOTHING!

  14. I searched the image URL through Google Images, then found another photo of the same window that listed the place where it was taken. I made a 10-minute detour searching someone that I thought it was that it ended up not being... but then I was back on track and used to advance search by author and keyword, then find in a library near your zip code. If you're fluent in Spanish, you can check out Els vitralls medievals de l'Església de Santa Maria del Mar, a Barcelona at Stanford. Total time: 15 minutes.


    Googled photo, added "stained glass" Found it right away and then searched for book and sagrada familia

  16. Okay....I think I've found what you're looking for.

    I did a Google Image search for the window, and found a Japanese blog that showed the window and mentioned the genius of Goudy. [sic]

    In doing searches for "Goudy" and "stained glass" Google wondered whether I had meant "Gaudi." Ah-hah.

    I did a Google Book search for Gaudi, and discovered a book of his writings, called "Scritti"; "writings" in Italian.

    Doing a WorldCat search of the book, it appears that two libraries worldwide own the book: one in Barcelona, and the other at the University of California, Berkeley. It looks like it would be a lovely drive from Mountain View to Berkeley. Enjoy!

  17. I believe the artist is Joan Vila-Grau and the book that you are referring to is 'Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista'. Good luck finding a copy nearby CA though. The closest one I found listed is in MN!

    I started my search by using google image, narrowed down the location of the window to Sagrada Familia and then searched for stained glass--found Joan Vila-Grau mentioned as being the designer of the windows. I then quickly searched Joan Vila-Grau's website and found 'Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista' published in 1980. I found the book for sale used through Amazon & Alibris.

  18. I am not sure to be correct, as it is a hard challenge, but that is as far as I got.

    I first used the photo to look for similar ones on Google Images: I found a hit for The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I did a new search with terms [stained glasses sagrada familia] in Google Images and found very similar ones, and found out with [sagrada familia stained glass craftsman] that Joan Vila-Grau made them in the late 90s.

    The Portuguese page on Wikipedia for Joan Vila-Grau mentions the book "Los vidrieros de la Barcelona modernista", which I also found on Amazon.

    Also, as I am French, I did some searches in french similar to [joan vila-grau book], as I suspected that because he is spanish, I might have better results in French given the proximity... and I was quickly led to Corpus Vitrearum (which also mentions stained glasses of Barcelona by Vila-Grau), which seems to be a sort of encyclopedia regarding stained glasses.

    After that I searched for [Joan vila-grau] in Google while restraining the results to Mountain View, CA. I got only three results, with one being "Els vitralls medievals de l'Església de Santa Maria del Mar, a Barcelona", from the serie Corpus Vitrearum at Stanford (

    This took me about 45-60 minutes... If I am correct!


    Okay, this took me about 30 minutes. About 15 to get the book title, about 15 to find one - I've never used some of the book resources before, so I had to figure them out first. :)

    Step 1 - find out the image. Straight up google image url search to find similar images - there is one, in google cached view of a german horticulture message board. If I was smarter I would've been done right there (the photobucket link doesn't come up on the google search, but here it is:

    So I actually re-ran the image url search using the new image link, and got

    This told me the name of the cathedral, so "stained glass" "sacred family cathedral" designed gave me enough to know the name, finally - Joan Vila-Grau.

    At this point I went straight to the Moutain View Public Library catalog and did an author search. I also did a Google Maps search for libraries near Mountain View. I'm on the other side of the country and don't really have a "sense" of the geography out there, so I gave up on that pretty quick. I also spent some time here looking for art museums, art libraries, private collections with public viewing events... anyway, no luck.

    Then I went to find the book title - took several false starts (the only wikipedia page for this person is under a different transliteration of the last name and is in Spanish, but I got the title there): "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista"

    It took me a while (and some false starts) looking at used books, found three copies in the US through Abebooks and Amazon. Finally happened to see a "books" search for Google and got on that - clicked to the book page, saw "find in a library" and I'm whisked away to globalcat.

    First thing that came up on that was in puerto rico, and I could figure how to navigate globalcat at first, so I re-ran the title search directly on that site and now I had the Berkeley result. Done.

    Learned some stuff this time around, interesting challenge.

  20. Not sure of the answer but there it goes

    The Designer is Joan Vila Grau

    The book can be found at the stanford university libraries. Stanford, CA 94305 United States, 11km away.

    The book is called : Els vitralls medievals de l'Església de Santa Maria del Mar, a Barcelona

  21. Used Google search by image to locate the name of the church, "Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona. A search for [Sagrada Familia stained glass] returned several sites highlighting the art and windows in the church, and identifying Joan Vila Grau as the designer. Another search for [Joan Vila Grau] reveals the artist's website as the top result, where there is a list of all of Joan Vila Grau's books, articles, and publications (

    There appear to be several books written by the artist, the oldest of which is "Els Vitrallers de la Barcelona Modernista." Google shopping results did not help any, but there seem to be a few results via

    So, unfortunately, I do not have a solid answer yet for this challenge, although I may have to keep Googling...

  22. Los vidrieros de la Barcelona modernista, and there is a copy at the University of California-Berkeley.

    This was surprisingly easy, actually.

    A trek through Google image search brought up a similar image. The page itself was defunct, but Google's cache showed the image, which included the phrase "Sagrada Familia" in the bottom right corner.

    A Google image search for "Sagrada familia" "stained glass" confirmed that these were indeed stained-glass windows at that cathedral.

    A regular Google search for "Sagrada familia" "stained glass" revealed that Joan Vila-Grau was the designer.

    His Spanish-language Wikipedia (thanks, Google translate!) says that "Los vidrieros de la Barcelona modernista" is his most notable book. (We'll trust Wikipedia here, since he's been involved with many other titles.)

    Then I went to WorldCat, plugged in the book title, and asked it to find a copy at the location nearest Mountain View. It recommended that I go to the University of California-Berkeley.

    Time: 5-10 minutes.

  23. [book stained glass mountain view]

  24. I did a Google Image "search by image" search of the picture you provided. It came up with a couple results but I couldn't determine very much from that. So I did another Google Image "search by image" search of one of those pictures and then determined that the stained glass was located in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. From there, I searched on Google for "stained glass sagrada familia" and determined that the glass was designed by Joan Vila-Grau. Searching Amazon, I found the name of the book: "Pilar Muños."

    From that, I went to and searched for the book and it told me that the book was 307 miles away at the University of California, Los Angeles.

  25. So...He is the author of several books, some of which can be found at the University of California, Berkley Library. I found by searching google images for [stained glass book artist]. I selected "black" as the color. I then found your picture and click "similar". From there I found another image that was similar and on that website ( I was able to find the name of the cathedral. I then searched [la sagrada familia stained glass]. and found the designer of the stained glass window to be Joan Vila-Grau. I then searched [Joan Vila-Grau publications] and selected timeline. On the timeline I selected "publications by Joan Vila-Grau" and it took me to WorldCat and used the search [au:Vila-Grau, Joan]. I selected "book" as the format and then "art and architecture" as the topic. I selected the first book and put in the zip code for Mountain View, Ca. The title of this book was "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista"

  26. Image saved so I can drag and drop to Google image search. Add [stained glass window] to search to find image of window in question. Identified as windows in Sagrada Familia cathedral.
    Cathedral website notes that the windows in question are in the apse of the cathedral and were designed by Vila-Grau and made by J.M.Bonet's stained glass company. Bonet's website confirms it.
    I have to admit I got shakier and less sure at this point. I mean...I did a Worldcat search for books written by Vila-Grau but it returned more titles that I expected. The title that seemed the most general and that might be about current stained glass design rather than art of a specific period or artist seemed like Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista. And the closest copy of that title to Mountain View, CA is at the University of California, Berkley in the Northern Regional Library Facility.

    Hard time saying how long it took since I did a little here and there as I had a moment.

  27. The search took about 15 minutes

    A Google Image search turned up a single result pointing to a German Forum, but the image was available with in larger size.
    The text in the middle of the image "Lieber Maddin, alles Gute Zum Gebertstag" turned out to be not of any use. But, tucked away in the bottom right corner was " Sagrada Familia '11"
    I already knew that Sagrada Familia is the famous Gaudi church in Barcelona so the next step was a Google search:
    [Sagrada Familia stained glass designer]
    The first result revealed the name of the designer: Joan Vila-Grau

    Searching for [Joan Vila-Grau] returned the Wiki page
    which referenced his book: Los vidrieros de la Barcelona modernista

    For books in local libraries, is a good resource.

    Searching for the book and availability near the
    94035 zip code reveals the nearest copy (in the original Catalan) at the UC Berkley library, 34 miles away.

    The nearest Spanish copy is available at UC Santa Barbara, about 240 miles away

  28. ok, i started search in Google image search with "stained glass designer of the nave windows" and i saw this picture in my result

    then i headed to the "website for this image" option and found a blog about a stained glass designer named "Lawrence Lee" and i went through the blog little and found something related to the thing what um looking for.

    this person is also a stained glass designer and he also done some works for nave windows, and the important thing is, he has written a handbook for artists about stained glasses. so i guess this person could be the answer and went to the Google search and tried with "stained glass by Lawrence lee". then i got some interesting results in the page and i checked the wiki article for more. then i again went to the Google search and input "libraries in mountain view, CA" to find out any library in your area to find this book. and the first result of the page showed me one and that site told me "Stained Glass by Lawrence lee is available at theirs place". If this is the book you were looking for. um happy :)

  29. Take photo of picture, use Goggles to identify, name, website. Use site to locate artist. Next, having artists's name use Google Books to see if he is the author. Finally, use WorldCat to locate book in library nearest to Mountain View.

  30. I've tried to search fr mountain view,ca library,then used the first link to look for the book:
    Traditional and contemporary designs for stained glass projects

    It is in New York

  31. to be fair you knew where this particular piece of stained glass was located so you could have searched for who designed the glass for that building, which would be a start.

  32. Answers:

    The closest copy of "Las vidrieras modernistas Catalanas," which was co-authored by Joan Vila-Grau, is located approximately 241 miles away in the Davidson Library at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93106 United States.


    I did repeated "search by image URL" searches starting with your original image until I found which both shows a wider angle of the stained glass and places it inside La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

    [ Sagrada Familia stained glass ] led to which identifies the designer as Joan Vila-Grau.

    [ stained glass book by Joan Vila Grau ] led to a bibliography of stained glass writings at which listed "Las Vidrieras Mondernistas Catalanas" as having been written by Grau and Rodon.

    (I then used Google Translate to confirm that "las vidrieras" translates to "stained glass.")

    [ locate book "Las Vidrieras Modernistas Catalanas" ] led to the Google Books page for this work at

    The "All sellers" link strongly suggested that copies of this book were not widely available for sale.

    The "Find in a library" link led to a page at and seemed more promising. When I put in "Mountain View,CA" as the location, it came back with the Davidson Library at UCSB.

    Time: About 20 minutes.

  33. This was fun!

    So, the first thing I did do an image search by your image. One required a log in to a message board, so no dice there, but the other was a Japanese site that Google easily translated for me. It was there that I discovered that the windows were in a church designed by Gaudy, which I assumed was the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. A quick search of [Sagrada Familia stained glass] not only confirmed my suspicions but also gave me the designer: Joan Vila Grau. So there is the name.

    Now, for the book and finding the closest copy to you, I went to good ol' (sometimes being a librarian is good) and typed in his name. Looking through the results, I think the book you are looking for is "Church of the Sagrada Família : the stained-glass windows by Joan Vila-Grau". According to WorldCat, the closest copy is in the Biblioteca Nacional de Espana in Madrid. However, the Mountain View Public Library should be able to get you a copy via inter library loan. Maybe.

    Not sure if this is correct or not, but either way, it took me about 15 minutes.

  34. 1) Image Search leading to a blog with the picture and text in Japanese
    2) Google Translator, identifying Gaudi as the designer
    3) Search [book written by Gaudi]
    4) Amazon, copy ISBN, search on Google Books
    5) World Cat - Berkeley University, 54 km from Mountain View

    Took me 15 minutes

  35. World Cat is the tool to use to find a book in a library

  36. This is indeed a hard challenge, took me 30 minutes, but I'm new to trying searches like this.
    I first searched the image on Google image, which led me to a japanese blog. From there I copied another image above the one that looked like yours. It told me that it was from the "Sagrada Família".
    I looked it up on Wikipedia, in spanish with Google translate. Searched for glass and found it was designed by Joan Vila i Grau.
    Looked up "Joan Vila i Grau book" in google and the first link brought me to a list of book, including "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista". Being french, I recognized that this was about glasses by the title.
    Then a quick lookup on Google led me to Worldcat, a new site I discovered, which shows you libraries near you.
    I entered the location "Mountain View, CA" and it now tells me that the book is available at the University of California, Berkeley.

    My first language is french, and I really am new to powersearching like this, so I guess somewhere along the road I could've been able to skip a few steps to get to my answer!

    Final answer : "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista" by Joan Vila-Grau, available at the University of California, Berkeley.

  37. About 10 minutes.

    Google Image search brought up a picture of the window with "Sagrada Familia" in the corner.

    It is a cathedral in Barcelona. Check on the cathedral's website site and found Joan Vila-Grau designed the stained glass windows.

    Translated Wikipedia article on Vila-Grau reveals him as the author of "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista" ("The Glassmakers of Modernist Barcelona")

    Search for that book in libraries near Mountain View, CA.

    UC-Berkeley - 34 miles away - has a copy if you want to read it.

  38. The windows are in La Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain. (

    They were designed by Joan Vila-Grau. He wrote a few books, but the one you're most likely interested in is "Las Vidrieras Modernistas Catalanas."

    You can get it at the University of California, Santa Barbara Davidson Library, which is 241 miles from Mountain View, CA.


    Now, how I found it:
    I did the standard reverse image search on the picture and found an image of the same glass on a Japanese blog. Then I just grabbed THAT image and did another reverse image search. From that search I was able to locate a page talking about the Sagrada Familia church. Quick trip to google and I found that the glass in the church was done by Joan Vila-Grau.
    Finding what he wrote took a while, but I eventually found a great site that showed an interview with him ( At the bottom there was a "Further Reading" section with his books. I took the title and started searching. Eventually found where I was able to locate the book and find the closest libraries that have it.

    This one was fun!

    P.S. It took me about 30 minutes.

  39. searche could be much more easy if geotag was enabled :) (author could be Anna Croyle?)

  40. I think I got it... The stained glass is from the church "La Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona, Spain. This I found out doing a query based on the given image. Next I did a query to find the artist who made the stained glass, using the terms "sagrada familia stained glass". The first result had the artist's name: Joan Vila-Grau. Another search for "Joan Vila-Grau books" gave me what I hope is the book you were looking for: Vidrieras Modernistas Catalanas by both Joan Vila-Grau and Francesc Rodon. It took around 20min to find out.

  41. The artist is Joan Vila-Grau. Would the book be "Ils vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista"? There is a copy at UC Berkeley Library. The call number is f NK5362.B3 V44 1982 and according to the library's online catalog it is on the shelf.

    Image search to determine who the artist was, and then an author search at to see what books the artist had authored and to identify the libraries that held them. (Sorry Google, you can't beat OCLC for bibliographic information like that, which is why Google Books links right to WorldCat I guess. However the title that it links to is not the one with the most holdings. Probably has linked to this particular record due to a coding error in the bibliographic info in the OCLC database.)

    Took about 20 minutes - most of that time spent trying to determine which work fit the bill. Spent more time trying to figure out why Google Books was linking to an inferior record!

  42. I did a google image search of your picture and stumbled on this website:

    So far I know it was a church in Spain, so afterwards I grabbed the image from that website and did an image search again, now knowing that it's from the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona according to the results

    [sagrada familia church barcelona stained glass designer]

    Now I found the name of the designer is:
    Joan Vila-Grau. and he is spanish can speak catalan

    [Joan Vila-Grau]

    Then choose english or castellano if you speak it, and click on publications, there's several after that I got tired I think I spent about 15 minutes figuring it out.

    Hope someone goes further tham me ^_^

  43. I gave up and had to look at the comments and I was on the right path, but I was using Tineye instead of google image and came up with no results. I didn't realize Google had that feature.

  44. I followed the exact path that James van Mill took. The search took me about 20 minutes. I came back here, afraid to post my stumbling but was really happy to see that someone else used the same strategy.

  45. Google Search by image turned up a San Francisco bloggers entry on his favorite church, Sagrada Familia

    Google Search for "Stained Glass Design Sagrada Familia" Led me to a Barcelona Design Festival listing for a Joan Vila-Grau exhibit for Sagrasa Familia.

    Google Search for Joan Vila-Grau Stained glass design book turned up a UK Stained Glass Bibliography
    Which included this listing:

    Vila-Grau, Joan and Rodon, Francesca Las Vidrieras Mondernistas Catalanas, Barcelona, 1983

    A search on gave me this link:

    Using the zip code 94040 (found in another Google search)on Google Maps I determined that the closest location for you to view the book, provided you posses the proper credentials, is:

    University of California, Santa Barbara
    Davidson Library
    Santa Barbara, CA 93106 United States

  46. John Ruskin
    John Ruskin, an art critic, wrote two books that were highly influential in Art Philosophy. In The Seven Lamps of Architecture and The Stones of Venice, he discussed the moral, social and religious implications of buildings, emphasizing the desirability of an ethical approach to the practice of the arts. His thinking influenced the Pre-Raphaelites, whose artistic style Ruskin defended against criticism.

  47. looked for your stream on Google+
    found your recent trip to Spain and the La Sagrada Familia
    Searched ["la sagrada familia" stained glass]
    Got to the page for the cathedral describing the stained glass designer as Joan Vila-Grau
    searched ["Joan Vila-Grau" book]
    Went to Publications - a number of books listed,all in Spanish even on English site so figured probably not translated in English.
    Guessed the word for stained glass and just looked on Amazon, AbeBooks etc for books by Joan Vila-Grau in the US
    Some in MN, GA and elsewhere, limited availability but can purchase.
    Searched from Mountain View, CA as my location in Google for other places
    Checked for libraries - lots of options. But there are 4 titles in English.
    About 25 mins to find the author and titles, - then another 15 to narrow locations before needing to stop for dinner :-)

  48. I went to Google images
    i uploaded the picture and i found a spanish website that contains the pic so i clicked on the pic and i saw the sagrada familia 11' i searched sagrada la familia i got the church website and wikipedia on wikipedia i found Gaudi designer i searched Gaudi designer i found that he is an architect of Barcelona and i found his website too!
    i went wikipedia and i got his last name and then i searched with his first and last name and i found some useful books but doesn't seems to be what i want so i tried amazon with english then french languages suddenly i got a book about sagrada familia and i was sure that it's the right book!! (description was clear)
    but it's out of stock so i changed direction to find that book on another website..
    Expiatory Church of the Sagrada Família: Antoni Gaudí
    Found it on Google Books but with copyright so you can't read it!
    i went to mountain view city library but didn't find this book
    then gave me a good result
    then i worte my region mountain view CA94043 (Google Address) and i got the library who has this book! hahaha Challenge Accomplished
    The library is:
    Stanford University Libraries
    Stanford, CA 94305 United States

    San Jose State University
    San Jose, CA 95192 United States

    Berkeley Public Library
    Berkeley, CA 94704 United States

    University of California, Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA 94720 United States

    University of California, Davis
    Shields Library
    Davis, CA 95616 United States

    Yolo County Library
    Woodland, CA 95695 United States

    All the list is here: (but you have to add region to see it)
    Here is some useful links:
    it's the stanford university it's the nearest university to you! 8Km
    But the best is Berkeley Public Library
    Your CHALLENGE IS SO EASY! Thank You Mr Daniel..

  49. Google image search led me to this site:
    Blogger mentions Barcelona and "The cathedral pictures were from the Sagrata Familia"
    Google search [sagrada familia stained glass designer] with first result to:
    This site confirms the stained glass designer is Joan Vila-Grau, so google search [Joan Vila-Grau] led me to his site where he lists all of his publications:
    A few google translate options to rule out the riffraff books confirm that the book with a title nearest the topic is "Els Vitrallers de Barcelona Modernista" which translates to "The Glassmakers of Modernist Barcelona"|en|els%20vitrallers%20de%20barcelona%20modernista%20 search led to UC Berkeley which confirms that it is available

    Unfortunately you will not be able to do more then browse the pictures as the text is only in Catalan which I am assuming you cannot read although Google Translate will help if you see something interesting.

  50. Book. Las vidrieras modernistas Catalanas
    Author. Joan Vila-Grau
    Lots of people have posted about how they found it as far as I can tell only two people got the right book. Unlike all these people though To find were the window was located. I went to google images and searched "Famous stained glass windows" and I scrolled down looking for two things: the window(obviously), and structural and artistis similarities. scollong down the page I found an image labeled "Fiery Staind glass windows" and that picture brought me to there I found in the comments them talking about Sagrada Familia ... another google search brought me to I then had to make sure the window in question was indeed at this church. I used the virtual visit option and found the window in question and found that the window was designed by Joan Vila-Grau who ( I found through another google search) wrote the book Las vidrieras modernistas Catalanas. The rest is covered by the others. 30 min tops.

  51. I believe the book is Las Vidrieras Modernistas Catalanas

    Author: Joan Vila-Grau; Francesc Rodon
    Publisher: [Barcelona] Polígrafa D.L. 1983.
    Edition/Format: Book Archival Material : SpanishView all editions and formats

    University of California, Santa Barbara
    Davidson Library
    Santa Barbara, CA 93106 United States
    241 miles from Mountain View

    I matched the image on your blog in google images. Found a post card with the church name Sagrada Familia. I searched Sagrada Familia stained glass artist, then I searched for books by the artist. Located a copy using

  52. The designer of the window is Antoni Gaudi and the book that he wrote was Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain, 1905-07 : Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain, 1905-10 / Antonio Gaudi. It can be found at San Jose Library, king folio 8th floor. (150 E. San Fernando St. , San Jose CA 95112 (408) 808-2000).
    To find my answer, I copied the URL of the picture and pasted it in Google search. I then clicked on the link to similar images and found out that the image was from Sagrada Familia. I used Google to search “Sagrada Familia stained glass design” and found out that Antoni Goudi was the designer. I then made many searches many for books written by Antoni Gaudi. Finally, I searched for central libraries near Mountain View, CA, and searched them for books with Antoni Gaudi as the author. San Jose Public Library was the first library that had a book that stated Antoni Gaudi as the Author.

  53. Google image search turned up that the window is in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Sagrada Familia website (viewed through Google Translate) identified Joan Vila-Grau as the designer. A search in showed a number of books but it wasn't clear whether any were authoritative. A Google search for ("Joan Vila-Grau" book "stained glass) led me to the British Society of Master Glass Painters "Stained Glass Bibliography" (which you should check out if you are interested in the topic!) here: The bibliography showed only one entry for Vila-Grau:

    Vila-Grau, Joan and Rodon, Francesca Las Vidrieras Mondernistas Catalanas, Barcelona, 1983

    Which suggests this is the definitive work by Mr. Vila Grau. A Google books search/leading to WorldCat shows that the nearest copy to you is in Santa Barbara, CA, about 241 miles away.

  54. Oh, my search took about 20 minutes.

  55. Google Image with your file, ended up in a japanese blog, similar image another GImage, turnout to another blog from a girl who said Barcelona!, ok now: stained glass +barcelona
    *Another page with a name "La sagrada familia"

    stained glass sagrada familia
    *got a page with the name of the artist: Joan vila-grau

    *get a zip code for Mountain View,CA in google --> 94035 (I'll save that one for now).

    Joan vila-grau in Google Books
    *various books, different writers so I clicked in Joan vila-grau (one of the links)

    now I have like 4 or 5 books I clik and classify one by one only 2 books are worth mentioning, beacuse only acan be foun in the USA, I clicked each book, then click on get a printed copy, next on a library, here comes the zip code (we are at btw)

    *El vitraller modernista Antoni Rigalt i Blanch
    University of California, Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA 94720 United States

    University of California, NRLF
    Northern Regional Library Facility
    Richmond, CA 94804 United States

    *Els vitralls medievals de l'Església de Santa Maria del Mar, a Barcelona

    Stanford University Libraries
    Stanford, CA 94305 United States

    University of California, Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA 94720 United States

    University of California, Santa Barbara
    Davidson Library
    Santa Barbara, CA 93106 United States

    Take your pick Daniel, thanks for the challenge! :)

  56. Around 25 min.
    A Google image search brought up an image which has "Sagrada Familia `11" at the bottom right.

    Another web search with query- "Sagrada Familia" showed that its some church. The first result with search query- "Sagrada Familia stained glass" had the designer's name "Joan Vila-Grau". "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista" is a book written by him related to glasses. On worldcat it shows that the book is available in language Catalan at UC, Berkeley (34 miles away). :)

  57. I gotta say I got lucky because when I saw the image, I recognized it from La Sagrada Familia ( I currently live in Barcelona). I googled the designer for their stained glass art and found Joan Vila-Grau (whose name I am sure I will never forget) and then I googled books by him. I found 3, so I decided to find english versions but could not find any. So i re read what you wrote and noticed that you used the word "read" and not "buy", which gave me the idea to search in the public library system for the book that has the most generic name, and I couldn´t find it on the Santa Clara system, but then I searched state wide and they give you the option of inserting a zip code. I entered 94040 (which I must say I got from a post by someone else I took a glipse of) for Mountain View and got here: It's at the UCB library. I hope you can read Catalan Because I only found this edition.

    I am so happy! I almost gave up. Hahaha...

  58. drag and drop the image to google image search. searched similar image.. and found out its from la sagrada familia. found the designer in wiki page of sagrada familia. Joan Vila i Grau. google search "Joan Vila i Grau + books" led to amazon page. the book is Els "vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista". took me 10mins.

  59. I knew it was La Sagrada Familia, so I searched for "vitralls" in its website.

    Found our the author: Joan Vila Grau

    Search for his books at Worldcat:

    There's a few available near you, in California, but you might have to learn to read Spanish or Catalan.

    Took me less than 5 minutes.

  60. 1) "Google Search by Image" with the description "stained glass" brought up an image titled La Sagrada Família by Gaudi.
    2) Google search for "Sagrada Família stained glass designer" returned an article describing Joan Vila-Grau as the designer of the windows.
    3) Joan Vila-Grau's official website lists his publications, and his most general one is "Fita Vitralls", which means "Landmark Windows" according to Google Translate, and you wanted "an important book on stained glass design", and the rest of his books refer simply to specific locations.
    4) Searched WorldCat, which I found after a Google search, for the book, didn't find any locations closer to Mountain View than Washington DC's Library of Congress. No results for it at the Mountain View local library's website, understandably. So have a nice flight to DC!
    5) If you want to read about stained-glass only in Barcelona, check out his other work, "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista", available at the University of California, Berkeley library, 34 miles from Mountain View.

    15 minutes about?

  61. Took me about 5 minutes to find the artist of the window. Reverse image search, found that one photobucket image, searched the watermark for [Sagrada Familia], found the church, searched for [church of La Sagrada Familia glass] and immediately found the artist: Joan Vila-Grau.

    Spent the next 15 minutes trying to find a book by Joan Vila-Grau, with lots of dead ends. I think the titles being in a different language threw me off! I ended up going with a book called "Church of the Sagrada Familia: The Stained Glass Windows", which, thanks to, you can read at Mountain View Public Library, 585 Franklin Street.

    But after reading other comments, I don't think this is quite the book we're looking for. Although it *is* a book by the artist of those stained glass windows!

    Side note: while searching, the comments on this blog post kept being returned to me as search results! That's how I knew I was on the (semi) right track!

  62. This search took about 15 minutes. I began with an uploaded image search. This search brought me to a site written in Japanese - Using Google Translate I found reference made to "Goudy"… looking at the other pictures in this blog, I realized that this must really be a reference to "Gaudi" who I happened to know designed the "Sagrada Familia" Basilica in Barcelona. From here it was easy to find reference to the designer of this window, "Joan Vila-Grau".

    Now, using "" I find over 20 books authored by or co-authored by Vila-Grau. Which book might you be looking for? One of the latest books, written in 2009, is available at the University of Wisconsin, so I suggest you head over to 585 Franklin Street, Mountain View, CA 94041, where the librarian there at this public library will be able to get you whatever you need through inter-library loan.

    UC Berkeley has a copy of Vila-Grau's 1982 co-authored work entitled "Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista". That should also be easily obtainable at your Mountain View location.

  63. I spent 33 minutes searching. Google search by image returned only six results, one of which was this blog: []. Unfortunately, the blog is in a foreign language. Google translated all of the photo descriptions until I came up with:

    "教会って、ステンドグラスを通した光が素敵ねっていつも思うんだけど、このあふれんばかりの自然、の取り入れ方、その写る造形の美しさ、流石天才☆ガウディー。" --> "What I think I'm always What a lovely light church, through the stained glass, How to incorporate, the nature of this exuberant,
    That reflected the beauty of the molding, ☆ Goudy truly genius."

    Elsewhere, the blog had also mentioned a trip to Barcelona. Googled "Goudy stained glass" and was asked if I meant "Gaudi." Googled "Gaudi stained glass," found the name Antoni Gaudi. Image search showed similar style windows. author search led me to the book listing "Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) : Galerie CGER, Bruxelles, 4 octobre-1er décembre 1985." Google Books search for same book showed only 6 results under the "Find in Library" option, the nearest of which appears to be in New York unfortunately! However, I may ask at a local university to see if there could be closer copies or a way to request a transfer.

  64. I got the same results as most did but did want to bring up one point.

    Using Worldcat via Google books does not in fact give you the full results of who holds a particular book. Many libraries (mostly corporate) will not show up in the public version of Worldcat and you will need to ask your local library to help get you the full list. You also need to search Worldcat itself rather than use the Google books find in a library feature as it will often take you to one catalog record when there is in fact several records and one has more holdings than the other. This is due to different libraries cataloging it slightly differently or it may be that there is a reprint of the book.

  65. I don't know why this didn't post yesterday. Strange. Anyway, here's my result.

    First, thanks Dan... I learned a lot doing this exercise.
    First approach:

    I downloaded the picture, looked for EXIF data (none found, how convenient), and then did an image search:

    result ->

    Sagrada Famila '11 was imprinted on the bottom (thanks, random German folk).

    Now, this is a bit of a cheat, I love history, so I immediately know what and where the Sagrada Familaia is.
    search: "Sagrada Familia" "stained glass" design

    result -> 1st entry was for with a descrition of "Vila-Grau"s designs."

    Now, I also know that Antoni Gaudi was a major designer on the project, but since the project has been going on for so
    long, plus all of the events which continually plagued the completion, who the hell knows when that particular stained glass
    window was designed? Right? So, I trusted Google's weight metrics, and followed the link to verify.

    While it was relatively vauge which particular areas were degigned explicitly by Gaudi:Joan Vila-Grau, I assumed that the Apse
    might be Vila-Grau.

    So I did a
    wikipedia: joan vila-grau
    result ->

    Which resulted in a translation to: (Los vidrieros de la Barcelona modernista) The glassmakers of modernist Barcelona
    The time period looked right (1982), So I did a
    search: library search engines
    result ->

    Went to the site directly, but their poor search engine resulted in "No results match your search for 'Los vidrieros de la Barcelona modernista'."

    So, before being ready to commit digital seppuku, I assumed that the results were a result of the poor internal search algorithm. So I searched just
    "Barcelona modernista Joan Vila Grau" (without quotes)
    result ->

    Bingo! So I did a
    search: zip-code mountain view, ca

    result -> (The second result had 94043)
    Zip codes give a terrible result... and would make a fantastic 20% project (hint, hint, hint).

    It's available, BTW.

    Total time, 4.5 minutes

    Second approach.

    I figured, since you recently posted a stained glass post on G+, I should start there.
    "Everyone needs a little stained glass on a brilliant Spanish June day.... Also from La Sagrada Familia."

    return to loop: search: "Sagrada Familia" "stained glass" design

    Total time, 3.5 minutes

  66. Took really long about 30 minutes
    Entered in image search
    search by imgae copy and paste the image url. first 3 entries for the blog only.
    saw the german one and got the results then to the designer and the book. rest was fairly easy.
    difficult was to decipher the image result.

  67. Did an image search of the work and found a site that led me astray (Lieber Maddin,...), but then noticed more writing in the corner that said La Sagrada Familia.

    Searched for that and found the basilica website. Searched around on that website and couldn't find the name of the designer. Did another search for La Sagrada Familia stained glass designer and found Gaudi. Then searched for a book by him and found:
    Templo Expiatorio Sagrada Familia Barcelona

    I then looked up the book to find where it is and found the English translation. Then looked up the zip code for Mountain View and found the book available 11 miles away:
    San Jose State University

    24 minutes!

  68. The person who designed this stain glass window was Joan Vila I Grau and the name of the book that he wrote was “Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista” and you can find it at UC Berkeley Library. The way I figured this out was by copying the pictures URL and putting it in Google images search bar and there I found one picture with the phrase Sagrada Familia, which was actually the name of the church in which this stained glass window was located. I typed in “Sagrada Familia stained glass window designer” and one website came up with all the information about it. The name of Joan Vila I Grau came out as well.. Then I typed in Joan Vila I Grau stained glass design book and then Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista came out. Then I went to and searched the name of the book and input the destination Mountain View, A and Viola! UC Berkeley Library came out. It took me about 30-35 minutes to solve the challenge.

  69. 1. Open
    2. Drag image to search box
    3. Click on Images on the left sidebar
    4. [dan russell]
    5. [dan russell drug war] (5.1 ["dan russell" "drug war" library])
    6. ["dan russell" "drug war" library Mountain View CA] (forgot the location was given...)

    took me about a minute =]

  70. 1. Google image search- drag and drop the provided picture. On second page of results found a similar picture with caption “Lieber Maddin, alles, Gute, Zum Geburtstag” and “Sagrada Familia ‘11”
    2. Google searched “Sagrada Familia ’11 stained glass” and clicked on very first link
    3. Searched “stained glass” within that website and clicked on second link which identified Joan Vila-Grau book as the designer.
    4. Google search “Joan Vila-Grau book”- first link was for “Els vitrallers de la Barcelona modernista” by Joan Vila-Grau.
    5. Assuming you do not want to buy from Amazon, Google searched “search library catalogs” for best way to search libraries. First link was “”
    6. Searched WorldCat for title with Mountain view CA as location and found book at UC Berkley.
    Took about 25 minutes

  71. Here are my notes on the search. I'm sure others have done this more quickly, but I enjoyed the exercise. I came here via the Google Power Search training, and have completed the first 3 modules so far. If it weren't for the training, it would have taken much longer I'm sure. Now to see if my results are the same, but will Comment first. The notes are stream of consciousness, so not in nice essay format. : )

    6:20 started reading

    In Image:
    "stained glass"
    "stained glass" church
    filter red
    filter blue
    Click Similar
    "stained glass" church california
    "stained glass" church mountain view, ca
    found similar image, hovered, found name!
    stained glass sagrada familia
    "stained glass" sagrada familia designer
    "stained glass" "sagrada familia" designer gaudi
    "stained glass" book gaudi purchase mountain view, CA
    "stained glass" book design gaudi mountain view, CA
    "stained glass" book gaudi
    found first name antoni gaudi
    "stained glass" book "antoni gaudi"
    "stained glass" book "by antoni gaudi"
    "stained glass" book written by antoni gaudi
    Ok, the book is written by antoni gaudi
    Tried finding in Amazon search due to frustration, couldn't find it, remembered Google Advanced Search.
    Books: google advanced search by author
    On left side, clicked 20th century antoni gaudi inauthor:antoni inauthor:gaudi | inauthor:anthonio inauthor:gaudi
    On left side, clicked 19th century antoni gaudi inauthor:antoni inauthor:gaudi | inauthor:anthonio inauthor:gaudi
    My best guess is book is titled Gaudi of Barcelona
    "gaudi of barcelona" book purchase NEAR mountain view, ca
    "gaudi of barcelona" book buy mountain view, ca
    Click Find in a library
    Result: Stanford University Library
    Time: 7:16, total is 56 minutes.

    2nd guess is Gaudi
    intitle:"gaudi" inauthor:gaudi
    Found book, Find in a library
    Nearest library is Alibris Emeryville, CA 94608 United States

    time: 7:19, total of 59 minutes overall.

  72. Ok, after glancing over the comments thus far, I have learned we can drag and drop and do a search by image. I'm blown away, I did not know that! I spent a good 10 minutes or so using the Filter Color to Blue and searching ["stained glass" church] and a few other variants on that to get that to work. So, at the least this exercise has taught me that. After learning the inauthor: operator, I also spent a ton of time trying to figure out which book exactly Gaudi wrote, which I thought was a bit nutty as he died in 1926, so I was filtering for 20th and 19th century results. I'm still not sure of the answer as it seems he wrote a few books (or contributed), and am looking forward to seeing the results.

  73. 1. Saved the image as a file
    2. Opened google images
    3. Opened the file (making sure it was smaller than the google images window)
    4. dragged the image into the search box on google images and typed in 'stained glass window'
    5. Got 2 pages of results - half way down the first I can see that it is at a place calked the Sagrada Familia Church
    6. Did a normal google search on 'sagrada familia church window designer'
    7. 3rd result says it was by someone called Villa-Grau
    8. When I try searching Villa-Grau get loads of prompts saying it is Joan Villa-Grau
    9. Did a google book search on Joan Villa Grau but get loads of results in Spanish and only 3 (irrelevant ones) if I limit them to books in English
    10. So do a normal search instead.
    11. First result is the designer's own website:
    12. Click on the tab at the bottom for publications
    13. Scroll down to books
    14. They are all in Spanish so quickly do a Google Translate to find the word for 'stained glass' in Spanish (it is vidrieras)
    15. None of the tiles include that word :-(
    16. So I started going through the other titles and translating them, the 2nd one listed was 'Fita, Vitralls 1956-1987' (which translated to Stained Glass 1956-1987 but only if I used another translator as Google Translate didn't recognise it)
    17. I did a Google Shopping search on 'Fita, Vitralls 1956-1987), having changed my location to Mountain View, CA but got NO results
    18. So I repeated the search but in Google Books, there was one result which I clicked on
    19. At the left hand side of the page there is a link for Find Local Bookshop - clicking this shows me a bookshop in Mountain View called 'Spontaneous Combustion' but I don't know if they stock the book (as their website doesn't have a search facility and I'm not ringing there from the UK to check!)
    20. Going back one screen, there is another link on the left hand side for Find A Library - clicking on that and entering Mountain View CA as the location takes me to a list of libraries holding it and the nearest is The Library of Congress in Washington 2400 miles away!

    So my answer is:
    Book: Fita, Vitralls 1956-1987
    Nearest location:Spontaneous Combustion (bookshop in Mountain View, possibly) OR The Library of Congress in Washington

    It took me over an hour!

  74. This question also took me some time to research.

    I started by clicking on the picture to copy the image which I dragged into the search box of Google Images (trick learned in your online class). Clicked on the link to see what would pull up and found out about Sagrada Familia and Gaudi. Perhaps carelessly, I started searching for a book by Gaudi but found nothing useful. I searched in both Google Scholar and Books; I was getting useless hits which is when I realized my assumption was likely incorrect.

    I ran a simple search for [sagrada familia designer stained glass] found the link to the Basilica which is where I found the name of the maker/designer Joan Vila Grau.

    I was curious so I just searched for him, found a wiki page and his website which incidentally listed books he wrote. To be safe, I ran a search on both Google Books and Scholar. My major difficulty was, and still is, figuring out which of his books could be defined important relative to stain glass design. I found 2, possibly 3, books he wrote that could be considered relevant: 1) Las Vidrieras Mondernistas Catalanas; 2) Church of the Sagrada Família: the Stained Glass Windows; 3) Els vitrallers de la barcelona modernista. I thought that #2 could be the least relevant as the question pointed to an important book on design rather than the specific artwork in the picture/church.

    To find out what could be considered authoritative, I did a search on Google on stained glass design (I forgot the actual search terms, nothing complex, likely something as follows [stained glass design grau]) and pulled up an uk site,, listing relevant books on the topic. Entered a Command F to find Grau which showed #1: Las Vidrieras Mondernistas Catalanas.

    In the same Google search, I also found an article/interview with Grau which mentioned book #1 and 2. I also searched which was referenced in the uk site. There, where I did not spend too much time, I did not see anything that was pointing to which book by Grau could be considered important for the purposes of this search.

    It seemed reasonable that of the list above, 1 and 3 were more likely those that were authoritative with number 3 being a good guess since it is listed first in the author’s site. It would stand to reason that that the author would list first his most important book. Went to and searched by author rather than title to see what would pull up. I reasoned that doing so would pull translations as well since not all the 3 titles appeared to be translated in English (I had checked that in Google Books by narrowing my search by author, languages, and selecting book only).

    For all three found the closest location. Number 1 was found in California but too far for a drive (245 miles away if the zip code given in the site for Palo Alto was correct, to be accurate one should double-check). Number 3 can be found locally at two local universities. The number and type of hits in Worldcat indicated to me this latter was likely the most authoritative of the two books. At this point, I was pretty sure I wanted to drop #2 from the list which I did after looking at the availability. If I had more time, I would go on google maps, pull local libraries to check their lists and see what pulls up there. Just to be sure, I put both titles in Google. The number of hits on #3 Els vitrallers de la barcelona modernista led me to believe that is the correct title.
    PS: pardon how this answer was written, not time to polish things up.