Friday, August 8, 2014

Running late today... Answer on Monday

Gentle Readers, 

It happens to all of us eventually.  The laptop finally gets too crufty, too overloaded, too full... and it needs a total wipe and reinstall.  

Unfortunately, that day is today.  Not by choice, mind you, but an accident of timing. 

I'll finish writing up the answer when I have my computer back from the techstop guys.  (They're good, but they can't move a terabyte off the old computer and onto the new computer THAT quickly...)  

I'll post the answer on Monday, August 11th.  

Trust me, it's worth the wait. 

Until next week, take a break and enjoy the weekend!  


1 comment:

  1. good luck Dan - care to share what the new hardware is? the old? you are FREE!… chance to elude before the reboot; although, you are no doubt carrying the mobile tracker…
    GPS is a beautiful thing until it isn't. 18 it will be a good weekend… as long as there isn't an earthquake.
    guess the red/blue thing isn't an option anymore
    upper right quadrant
    if one isn't on the internet, does it exist? tried to use the Google machine, but 32467 error…
    the other ones - 5008?
    keep calm
    I mean keep clam