Thursday, August 28, 2014

What are those plants? (AND search-for-character now in Google Docs)

It's clear that the SearchResearchers don't need much of my help on this week's challenge.  You've been zipping along quickly and painlessly.  Nice work.  

I'll write up my method tomorrow, although I doubt any of you will be surprised!  

If you remember a few episodes ago I wrote about How to search for a special symbol, and gave a link to as a handy method to find special characters  (such as Cherokee "U" -- Ꭴ , or the infinity symbol --  )

You might have noticed that this same capability is now in Google Docs.  (See: inserting special characters)  

When you open a Google document, spreadsheet or presentation, just go to the Insert menu and click Special characters.  You'll have multiple ways to find a special character: browse by categoy, search by keyword (example: arrow), enter the Unicode code point (example: 2195) or (best of all)...  draw the character.

Here's another example from Google Drive's Google+ page  (I hadn't thought of searching for an emoticon...)  

Another couple of examples--here I draw a contour integral symbol: 

Or, something that lots of teachers might want to search for, in this case I search by name: 

Enjoy searching! 

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  1. Good Day, Dr. Russell and everyone. Thanks for the post. I will try it right now. I read something about and you made it much clearer and show us more about how to get more of it. It is very helpful.

    John t, I liked what you post. "The books say that the fruit is sweet but insipid, and the Latin name 'unedo' means 'I eat one (only)' and suggests that the fruit is not very palatable. "

    On other topic, John, I found a trick to don't vanish the posts. I click post. (If you notice, says: Comment as:...that means we are not logged.) There, I only write a word and click publish. Doing that, log us. After that, you can write the normal post and it will not vanish again. Hope that helps.