Friday, May 11, 2012

Announcing the new Google Search Education site

As you know, one of the things we're doing is creating materials for students and teachers to use to both LEARN how to search, and TEACH others how to search.  

So I'm happy to announce that we've just set up a new Google Search Education website as a part of the larger Google efforts on education.  

On this page we have links to learning/teaching materials (that is free and open for you to re-use in your classes), announcements of upcoming live and online classes, and a truly great video about why we're teaching people how to search. 

This is all part of the larger Google Education effort known as Inside Search.  

In addition, this site has our NEWEST updated teaching material:  16 lessons designed for teachers to use when they teach students how-to-search.  

From time to time I'll point to items on this page (new materials, upcoming classes) as interest warrants. 

Email contact:  Note also that we've created a new email address for people to contact the Search Education staff directly:  Have feedback or suggestions? Contact us at

Please share widely with anyone who's in the business of helping students (or friends, or neighbors) search!  

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  1. As a middle-high school librarian, I love the potential for this! Good stuff!